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Parents know how lonely it is to care for a young person experiencing emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. It can be frightening and isolating. It’s hard to know where and how to reach out for help and information. Most of us feel disoriented when trying to find needed support for what our family is facing. The shame and stigma surrounding these issues make it even more challenging.

As caregivers, we have experience navigating challenges on behalf of our children and families. And as a community, we have much to offer one another. This is what Reach Out Oregon is all about, a supportive community where you will find:

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A little introduction
@stefw Hello ROO community, My name is Stephanie, I am 34 Indigenous Enrolled Tribal member of the Umatilla Tribe (CTUIR) Indian name Wapsux (prounounced Whup-Sioux) meaning: Wise, ...
Go away COVID!
@jencan COVID feels different when your child has a history of being discriminated against in medical settings Disability Rights Oregon is working hard and fast to put a safety net ...
Mom staying calm during child’s meltdown
@dw From birth until about age 9, my son was terrified of noises and people He was so very sweet but also overwhelmed - he sometimes wailed and dropped to the ground in public ...


A place that feels hopeful.

In the midst of our journey, there is wisdom to be shared and hope to be found. We inspire each other to trust our own unique strengths as caregivers and work toward a place that feels hopeful.


You are not alone.

We all know how helpful it is to share our experiences with someone who gets it. We are here to connect with each other, ensuring all families are heard and supported.


Strengthen your family.

Navigating the complex world of services and supports available to our children can feel overwhelming. We are here to support each other in finding resources that align with every family’s unique plan for a strong future.

Our Commitment
to Equity

OFSN considers diversity comprehensively, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, ability and disability, age, economic disparity, geographic location and other factors that shape perspective and experience.

We understand that achieving equity is a continuous process, and we work to maintain the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability. To that end we:

  • Support and encourage policy that advances social inclusion both within our organization and the communities we serve.
  • Foster open and constructive discussions amongst our staff, board, community partners and families that we serve.
  • Engage diverse constituencies with curiosity and agility.
  • Strive to model best practices related to inclusion and equity in our training, consultation and service delivery.

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