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At Reach Out Oregon, we want every voice to be heard. Sharing our stories is vital to reducing stigma and building a strong support network for Oregon families. 

Your story matters. We want to understand the needs of our community members, and in order to understand your needs, we first need to know your story. In sharing your personal testimony with us, you will not only help contribute to the bettering of your own support system, but the support systems of others in your community as well. So please, share your family’s story with us and join those who have already shared their testimonies in helping to increase the quality and capacity of the support we are able to provide to you and your community. 

As you listen to the unique voices here, we hope you will be inspired to reach out and share your perspective. 

Meet some of our amazing Oregon Community and find out why they Reached Out.

Family Member

Gloria Valdivia

Gloria is a parent and fierce advocate for her family. She is reaching out to remind us that it is okay to face challenges and that we are all here to support one another.

Program Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Michael Achterman

Michael serves as Program Officer for the Oregon Community Foundation. Reach Out Oregon is grateful to OCF for for being an early investor in the initiative. Michael is reaching out to support statewide growth in increased training, tools, and community based collaboration so that we all have better solutions for our families.

Family Member

Nelva Ojeda

Nelva is a parent who hopes to inspire our community to reach out for help early and often in our journey caring for young people with complex needs. She is reaching out so that we all know that we are not alone; we're in this together!

Executive Director, Asian Health and Service Center

Holden Leung

Holden is the Executive Director of the Asian Health and Service Center and serves as an Advisor to Reach Out Oregon. He is a regional and state-wide leader on diversity and inclusion in social service programs. He is reaching out to acknowledge how difficult it can feel to face stigma when our child experiences complex challenges; encouraging us to break through the barriers of isolation and share our experiences with others.

Family Member

Miles Hochstein

Miles is a parent who knows first hand what it is like to raise a young person who experiences complex needs. He hopes to see better coordination between systems in order to support families well. He is reaching out so that others know how important it is to have a community.

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