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    Hello ROO community,
    My name is Stephanie, I am 34. Indigenous. Enrolled Tribal member of the Umatilla Tribe (CTUIR) Indian name Wapsux (prounounced Whup-Sioux) meaning: Wise, Intelligent and Skilled; which also has a longer story within how this came to be chosen. A solo mother of 2 boys. My oldest is Aurelius(16) and youngest is Sekani (2) Aurelius was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3.

    As, a momma I had my suspicions at about 14 months. I was met with reassurances that I was overly worried and that my child was probably a late bloomer. While he was in Pre-k, a teacher had rose suspicion as well. Thankfully he was tested and thus, it reassured…That he in fact had autism and I was not an “overly worried momma” I hit the ground running and went in with wanting to have all knowledge I could gather and find to better aide my child in his life journey.
    In 2019, I added another kiddo to our little family (different dad) this changed our dynamics in our household and it brought on new challenges but more love than I could have imagined.

    I enjoy to travel. The furthest I have been is Washington DC and NYC. I do aspire to one day get a passport with stamps in Greece, Japan and Egypt. I love to garden and I am a plant momma too. I do traditional beadwork from my tribal culture but mostly more contemporary items. I enjoy reading and most often, I am studying and researching all things in regards to behavioral health, indigenous history and data/research, but I do love poetry and classic lit as well. Recently, took up learning yoga and have a goal to sit on my head as I joke with my sister lol (no where near this, by the way)

    Aurelius- His indian name is Aswan-Na-Wina-lyi (pronounced Us-one-nah-weena-th-lah) meaning Thunder Boy. A name given by myself and translated by an elder. He can be boisterous like thunder even in being non-verbal, you would always hear him squealing in laughter, shrieks of happiness and every other emotion that could be communicated through sound. He loves technology and communicates through playing video clips and snippets that communicates his sentiments exactly. He has an amazing sense of humor and is loving. Loves his family beyond measure and has taken on what I call our kiddos as “stiches” who hold our family together and mended us. He also loves gaming; Mario and Minecraft. His stim is “elbows” as we call it, which entails him rubbing an elbow of mine or getting deep pressure with my elbow in his back, arms, ect. He enjoys thrifting, traveling (he adores Portland and Spokane.) He loves children’s shows like Blues Clues and other shows of those age groups and Disney movies. He’s got the longest thickest head of hair and a smile that can be seen across a room. His eclectic music selection is something that I did not show him; you will often hear him blasting Rick Astley “Never gonna give you up” or “Proud Mary”..Ike and Tina “Shake your groove thing” – Peaches and Herb… to limp bisket, usher and more of a wide variety, it’s a way I can help him self-soothe. He is definitely a kiddo who likes what he likes and loves expressing himself through his loves/crafts/hobbies.

    Sekani- He currently doesn’t have a Indian name because in our culture we need to prepare for an entire year of gathering, He would also need to be of age to dance a full circle on the longhouse floor as his given name. I anticipate this moment, as a momma. His name means Joy. My grandfather passed away before I met him and he was known as “Shine” because he brought that into peoples lives, so I picked Joy as something similar to Shine as a sort -of namesake but his own. I currently believe my youngest has autism and ADHD but so far, as he tests; he is found to pass and not have any further diagnosis. He is a lover of traveling and has been this way since birth.. he loves thrift shopping, dancing (he makes me dance more even though, I cannot lol) He loves making others laugh. An old soul in the sense that he walks family members outside to their cars to ensure their departures are safe. He does live up to his name “joy” as he often has a sense of when others are sad and tries to make them laugh and smile.

    Hoping that this post was okay to do, as it seems not to carry much of a topic outside an introduction. just wanted to say, this is us. this is my little family. who brings me here and often are the reasons why I reach out and look for answers to help us grow and thrive as a family unit.

    I look forward to interacting and getting to know everyone that landed on these similar/different paths that lead us into this space.
    Please delete if not okay.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hi Stephanie, it is so cool to learn about you and your sons. You bring so much to this work, as a joyous mom who knows how to champion her kids. It would be an honor to hear how your own name was chosen!


    What a lovely introduction Stephanie! Your boys sound amazing and so do you. I also love travel but don’t have much opportunity for it. Someday! It sounds like you have a house full of love, and that you are a great mama to your lucky children. I really enjoyed what you shared about your culture, and look forward to learning so much more from you! Thank you for sharing,


    Thank you ladies, I enjoy joining you guys in this space and look forward to learning more of your stories as well. <3

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