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November every year: Anyone else notice teen depression?

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    My daughter lives with depression and social anxiety. One of the saddest and toughest times for her has always been November. Her first year in high school, she started so high, all As & student government & sports. In November she said she felt overwhelmed. She skipped one day. Then another. Then she stayed home refusing to leave her room or honestly even get out of bed. She faltered again the next year. November. She’s older now and doing her best with therapy and meds to fight the anxiety. But November with its darker days and heavier study demands is bringing many tough days. Have any other parents seen their kids struggling in late fall?


    Yes to all of this. My daughter is having a similar experience. She was so excited and now I see her just seem detached sometimes. She sleeps in longer and looks exhausted. She experienced depression in COVID with all the isolation and shut downs. I hoped it was just situational. But now, I see it coming on again. She had tried out for a sport and another project hoping to stay engaged but it wasn’t helpful. She is still struggling. She is a freshman this year and just wants to get back to life as she says. She just wants to be doing things. However, everything seems different- school, friends, etc. I am thinking of getting her a counselor. Although I know it will be up to her to engage with the counselor to really help.


    Yes! My daughter has been doing really well recently…until this month. I watch her use so much engery to push through the day and it makes my heart sad. I am, however, so thankful that she feels safe to come to me for support when she struggles. She has even started coming up with some strategies of her own to work through the tough time. It is so hard to watch our babies (even though she is 17…always my baby) struggle, so I work hard to notice the successes and support her in seeing them in herself as well.


    It is slowly happening for two of my children and myself and my boyfriend actually. We are very outdoorsy, sunshinny type of people and our weather has been so wet and cold… It has been hard on all of us!
    I have been racking my brain over and over trying to come up with ideas, and we run outside any chance we can (when we are not working/school) as long as we aren’t getting soaked or freezing…. but we are all lusting for Spring to come already!!!


    it is so hard to watch our children struggle. I have had many years in the past where I had a very hard time during this time of year, and I think seasonal depression can be even more challenging for us Oregonians. A light therapy box and anti-depressants were helpful for both myself and my oldest son, who has also experienced seasonal depression. Reducing stressors as much as we possibly can during this time has also helpful. That is not always easy to do though with school and other responsibilities. I think depression makes it hard to give ourselves ourselves grace, but it so important that we do. Sometimes a weekend (or even a week) of warm blankies, and guilt free Netflix binging is just what the doctor ordered.


    Absolutely. My son gets overwhelmed and depressed during this time too. He want’s to stay home and not do anything he normally would. His grades will start to drop and then he will be dragging F’s by December. It’s extremely difficult to navigate, especially when it’s your child that is suffering. All you want to do is protect them and snuggle them close when in reality you can’t snuggle this problem away. I feel that.

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