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Winter Time Blues

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    Has anyone ever felt depressed during the season’s change? I have. Every year. I look outside and see all of the trees turn orange and red, their leaves fall off with the blustering winds, and then transition to becoming bare and ice covered. I know that I should feel joy during these holidays; Halloween is about scary-spooky costumes and sugar rush, Thanksgiving is about family and being thankful, and Christmas is that magical time of year you get presents and sing together as you all enjoy a warm ham and eggnog. If that’s the case then why don’t I feel it? I feel depressed, almost empty, bursting at the seams with what could only be described as a scream waiting to escape my pursed lips. Does anyone else ever feel this way during this time of year? What holiday, if at all, makes you feel this way? Let me know!


    I can relate with this feeling of bursting at the seams with an internal scream. However, for me it is not the holiday or the transition. I respond so well to transitions. They remind me that nothing is permanent and there is relief and growth. Its the long winter or summer that gets to me. They wear me out. The flip side is I am already trying to steady myself for those times when I will be overcome by intense feelings and depression. Trying to stave them off but I know they will come. I hope they don’t stay long. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and honest sentiment.


    I used to experience seasonal depression at this time of year. It can be so challenging, especially when our children also experience similar struggles with anxiety and emotional deregulation. As my children have gotten older and the stressors in our lives have decreased, the holidays have become much easier on our family as a whole. What you are feeling is real and valid and you are not alone. Recognizing the feelings, accepting them when they come, and remembering that they will pass has always helped me get through. Sending my love to all parents and children who struggle during the holidays. There are brighter days to come. The beautiful thing about Spring is that is guaranteed to breath new life into this world, and it has never once failed to show up.


    In my family seasonal depression gets really, really bad. You can be on the strongest of medications and still it’s like it’s barely touching the tip of the iceberg that is underneath.

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