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Invitation – Steve Allen Listening Sessions


You are invited to become involved in improving the lives of children and families.

Please give him a few concrete things that need changing in OHA services. If you do not have specific ideas, you might want to let him know of some of these issues in particular”  

  • There are insufficient family support specialists in each community available for families to navigate the complex system of health, behavioral health, education and juvenile justice/child welfare.
  • When family support specialists are available it is often after a major crisis or when children have treatment services…help before that time would be more responsive and far less damaging for the child and less disruptive for the family
  • There are gaps in the system (between out-patient and residential treatment and after residential) when the family is left without support even when they are eligible and “signed up” for services. This “waiting” can be as long as 3 months. In 2020, 72 Oregon families have “given up custody” to DHS in order to get services for their child.
  • Families on the Oregon Health Plan cannot get the same services on “open card OHP” than available from a CCO AND not the same services are available through all CCO. Families generally cannot keep the same treatment providers from one CCO to another and this is VERY disruptive for children and youth.
  • Families with private insurance have difficulty getting services, sometimes because “public providers” just don’t bill private insurance.
  • The OHA Family Partnership Specialist doesn’t seem to be involved in policy decisions and yet she is the conduit for families’ to be sure their voices are heard when they don’t have the time to get to meetings
  • The Children’s System Advisory Council needs to be more involved in planning and evaluating OHA services to children and their families.

Our ask of you?  Please let as many families you work with or know that this unique opportunity is available to them – and to you.  

The first slots available begin Thursday, 10/1/2020, between 1 and 1:45pm.
Please specify your requested time slot (1-1:15pm, 1:15-1:30pm, or 1:30-1:45pm PST).
It will likely be first come first served. Also, these meetings will be virtual.
If interested, please contact his assistant, Jason, by email at:
Future dates will be announced; tentatively this may be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-1 PM, subject to change with or without notice.
Please contact  for questions about future dates and availability.

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